Roseburg Water Store

Phone: 541-673-7426

		  <font size=4><strong>Open Monday through Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm</strong></font>
		  <font size=4><strong>"Our Water is filtered through 12 Step Osmosis"</strong></font>


> First, we would like to thank you for looking into our business.   We are dedicated to bringing you the best water possible for the most affordable price.
> We hope to provide you with the highest level of water using our water filtration system, as well as offering water related products for use in your home.

Tap water quite often contains particulates (invisible particles often found suspended in water) which some city governments set "acceptable levels" for.
We don't think that you should be drinking "acceptably clean" water.
What does that even mean?!

> Some use only a 4 step process.
> There are some others that use an 8 step process.
> We are proud to be able to offer you water that has been filtered through our
12 STEP water filtration system.