My Little Dog Training Academy and Daycare

My Little Dog Training Academy
and Daycare (with boarding and board & train as well)

We are open from 8am - 6pm on Monday - Friday (Other times by appointment)

Dogs in our care don’t just sit in kennels all day   -   They are treated like family
  -   They have playtime   -   They get lots of cuddles   -   They have time on the couch   -   They can play by themselves or in groups   -   and they have quiet time to relax and nap after playing hard.
Even grumpy and fearful dogs do well   -   They come out of their shells and bloom under our care


Why Choose Us

We believe that manners are important and the training is easily incorporated into their everyday activities. We include basic training while with us. They will practice Leave it, Sit (both individual and group), Down, Stay, and Wait (by the door).
We have fun activities that include: Playing on the slide, Walking the dog walk,
Playing with our giant ball, Doing hurdles, and more.
Your pet is supervised by staff who are knowledgeable in Pet First Aid and CPR.
We care about your pet and want them to have fun and desire returning to spend time with us.

Training With Experience

We staff knowledgeable trainers that have experience.

extended hours
* Extended hours *

We are open beyond regular hours (by appointment only).

Staff knows Pet First Aid

Our staff have the knowledge to provide simple treatment, First Aid, and life saving CPR.

Caring Services

All our staff own dogs and
will give your pet the love they both desire and deserve.

Play Time is Included

Your pet is not in a crate all day.   They will get play time, snacks (for training purposes), and a chance to nap.

* Present for boarding *

Some kennels crate dogs overnight and return the next day.
HERE, we stay the night.

Our Services


Dog Training

Professional trainers that have experience and training that exceeds many other trainers in the field.

See "Services" from our menu for a variety of training services


We do NOT keep your pet in a kennel, they get plenty of "out" time to play, relax, along with a nap.

Learn about Half-Day | Full Day | Full Day PLUS Training

Dog Boarding

we are the only one that stays on site with your pet 24/7.

Learn more about Boarding Boarding PLUS Training
Dog Wash Station

May be coming in the future

Some can't afford groomers. For this reason, we are looking into providing a self-service dog wash.

Meet Our Staff

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Dogs For Sale
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