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Is a reactive dog an agressive dog?

Reactivity can be defined as an overreaction to external stimuli.
So a reactive dog is simply reacting to a situation that they are not used to.

This does not mean that the dog is aggressive.
While a reactive dog is not an agressive dog, an aggressive dog is always reactive
(just as a cooked egg is not always hard boiled, but a hard boiled egg is always cooked).

This is how we do our best to make grooming enjoyable for your pet.

1 - We will work your pet to help make grooming a more enjoyable experience.
2 - One of the ways that we minimize stress on your pet is grooming by appointment.
3 - Your pet will will not "sit in a waiting room" (unless they need to get accustomed to the environment).
4 - We begin grooming as soon as you drop him off and we will call you when we have finished so you can have them back in their "happy place" (with you) as soon as possible.

* - Another avenue that may be effective is to be patient if they become stressed. We may give your dog a break and simply come back to them after they have calmed down.
This will change grooming from a stressful experience to an enjoyable one - something that both you and your pet will enjoy.

We look forward to serving you and assisting you with your grooming needs.
While we hope this won't happen, we may discover that your dog's behavior is beyond our control and prevents us from providing grooming services.